Setting Up A Barber Side Hustle Requires Minimal Training

Posted on: 12 February 2020

College students finishing up their degree and looking to start a new career may find that they need a side hustle to stay financially solvent. This situation is often a frustrating one, but it can become beneficial with the right attitude. For example, a person can easily go through barber training to set up a small shop that is very easy to run from inside their home.

Side Hustles Take on Many Forms

The modern workplace often has a very freelance feel to it that is enhanced by the prevalence of side hustles. These side jobs are usually small bits of work a person does to make extra money. For example, a 9-5 office worker may take wedding photos during the summer or do massage therapy on the weekend. By focusing on these tasks, a person can enhance their financial portfolio.

Becoming a barber is one side hustle that may have many benefits. For example, barbers have a higher level of independence compared to some jobs. And since there is often a high demand for hair cutting professionals, a person can convert a spare room into a place to cut hair. This step is often a wise one for those who don't want to go through a lot of extra training for their side hustle.

Typical Barber Training Needs

Those who want to become a barber don't have to get a large amount of training to get accredited. Typically, they need a high school diploma and must complete an accredited training program. Depending on the state and a person's rate of study — as they can go part-time — they can finish in as little as nine months and have a degree.

As a result, a person can come from work, study their barber skills, and get their accreditation surprisingly quickly. Then, they can set up a small shop in their home by purchasing a chair and some barber tools. The investment here is surprisingly low beyond the chair, which also makes this side hustle a good one for those trying to save up a decent amount of money.

Even better, these burgeoning barbers can set their own schedules and choose clients to fit around when they can work. In this way, they can make a little more money almost every day and save up to retire. This process has become the new norm and is critical to consider for new college students. 

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